My.Games partners with PlayerWon to bring mobile-style rewarded ads for free-to-play PC developers

Starting with Guild of Heroes and Hustle Castle

My.Games partners with PlayerWon to bring mobile-style rewarded ads for free-to-play PC developers

Russian games outfit My.Games has revealed a partnership with engagement and monetisation platform PlayerWon.

The partnership will allow free-to-play game developers to show brand-sponsored videos on the My.Games Store on PCs, using an application programming interface (API).

Players will have the option to watch the brand-sponsored videos and will receive in-game rewards, such as currencies or items.

Players supported the integration of PlayerWon’s solution into the My.Games Store, and it remains in the hands of developers as to whether to implement the feature.

Polls conducted by My.Games in the US, Europe and Russia found that 62 per cent of players are willing to watch partner videos in exchange for in-game currency, while slightly more (63 per cent) want in-game items for watching them.

Additionally, 55 per cent of free-to-play mobile game players are willing to watch three or more ads daily.

Following trends

"It's the dream of most developers to bring their game to as many people as possible from right across the globe and we are seeing a clear trend for cross-platform projects as well as mobile games being ported to PC, and PC games coming to console," said My.Games store head Rodion Kotelnikov.

"It can be tricky for developers to port all the existing mechanics, like rewarded videos, so common to mobile games, across to other platforms, and this can affect players' ability to get rewards, progress and have parity of gameplay.

"Our partnership with PlayerWon is a first step in our ambition to offer equal gameplay experiences and opportunities across all platforms - starting with the addition of this new mechanic to some of our F2P PC games. We hope that the player experience will be captivating and engaging and that PC developers gain insights into new audience behaviour."

Developers are able to configure ad APIs to their needs using PlayerWon, from when ads should appear to what the reward mechanics are. Relevance in different regions, user impressions and other parameters can also be customised.

The initial titles to include this feature are Guild of Heroes and Hustle Castle, games that both started on mobile and were previously ported to PC.

My.Games recently reported its Q3 2021 financials, reporting growth steady revenue growth of 2.3 per cent, reaching $137.2 million, with mobile games contributing 75 per cent of this.

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