Supercell launches ambitious new studio in North America

Will create games featuring new and existing IP

Supercell launches ambitious new studio in North America

Supercell has revealed that it is establishing a new mobile game development studio in North America that will potentially develop titles for other platforms too.

It is establishing its new team to encourage North American talent to create new and ambitious games that players may not expect from Supercell.

The studio will have the creative independence to make brand-new IPs, whilst benefiting from Supercell’s global reach. Additionally, the new studio will be able to create games using existing Supercell IPs, such as Brawl Stars.

American ambitions

Currently, Supercell are searching for core founders who will subsequently establish the full team, with the new studio positioned as a startup within Supercell.

"While talking about this new studio with top developers, often their first question is what Supercell’s structure looks like or how development decisions are made," said Supercell's NA studio general manager Ryan Wener.

"I think what’s behind these questions is creative freedom or independence. I love these questions because the core idea behind Supercell is independent game teams that have complete ownership of what they build and how they build it.

"Developers at other companies might be accustomed to control mechanisms, greenlight processes, and executive oversight. We believe that mechanisms like these take ownership away from development teams, slow them down, and get in the way of creativity, resulting in worse games. So we just don’t work that way."

Following evidence that suggests a work-from-home model is viable, the new studio will be "flexible" in terms of location. In addition to remote working, co-locating between Supercell’s US office location in San Francisco will also be available.

Recently, Israel-based Playtika has revealed the opening of a new studio in Lausanne, Switzerland with a focus on AI and research and development.

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