Anzu partners with mobile-first data marketplace Kochava Collective

Will offer precision targeting for advertisers to reach new audiences

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January 26th, 2022 partnership Anzu
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Anzu partners with mobile-first data marketplace Kochava Collective

In-game ads outfit Anzu has revealed that it has partnered with mobile-first data marketplace firm Kochava Collective.

Through the partnership, advertisers will be offered "precision targeting" for banner and video ads across a range of games platforms, including mobile, PC, and console.

Anzu will reportedly utilise Kochava’s capabilities to enable its partners the "flexibility and power" to reach new audiences with "privacy-first" data.

Amassing an audience

"We’ve seen a steady increase in brands interested in switching to gaming to reach their target audience," said Anzu head of operations Tegan Hull.

"They are intrigued by the gamers, who are more engaged than users on the open
web or so-called walled garden platforms, and by Anzu’s ads which are non-intrusive and put players first. As advertisers try to find new ways to get in front of audiences, in ways that respect users, gaming is emerging as a top choice."

"Precision targeting is something that advertisers are used to, and we’re thrilled to partner with Kochava to deliver this to them."

The new partnership comes just a week after Anzu announced a partnership with Livewire to boost APAC ad reach for Roblox players as the ad firm continues to expand its audience reach worldwide.

Kochava Collective general manager Brian Cox added: "Our partnership with Anzu is an exciting opportunity to help drive growth for their advertisers."

"In-game advertising is an exciting space to be in now and in the future. We are thrilled to work with them to watch it flourish."

In-game ads are one of the leading monetisation methods available to mobile game studios and are expected to continue growing. Research Dive has projected that by 2028 the in-game ads market will generate $14 billion.

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