IronSource launches new feature to change ad strategy in real-time

Claims will improve user engagement and maximise revenues

IronSource launches new feature to change ad strategy in real-time

Mobile business platform IronSource has launched a new dynamic segmentation feature in its mediation tool, LevelPlay, that can instantly update the ad strategy when users switch segments whilst using apps, thus responding to user behaviour in real-time.

For example, if a player progresses in a game or becomes a paying user mid-session, they will have different caps and pacing on ads shown to them, as well as other features that match their new segment.

Compared with the existing segmentation on LevelPlay that allows developers to tailor ad strategies, ironSource  claimed that the new feature will allow developers to improve user engagement and optimise their monetisation strategy.

Real-time adaptation

"The more tools a developer has to refine their ad strategy, the better it will be for user engagement and ultimately for app revenue," said IronSource VP Product Nimrod Zuta.

"This product is the latest in a range of new tools we’ve released to enable app developers to be as sophisticated as possible in implementing and optimising app growth strategies, and following our launch of Real Time Pivot Report and App Analytics earlier this month, serves to expand an already robust platform offering where developers can access a one-stop shop for running a sophisticated, profitable app business."

Last week, IronSource reported that it generated $553 million in revenue for its full 2021 fiscal year, representing a rise of 67 per cent. The firm projects this will climb to $820 million for 2022.

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