Coda launches Infinite Arcade to bring mass blockchain gaming to casual mobile games

Blending NFTs and cryptocurrency to turn F2P to P2E

Coda launches Infinite Arcade to bring mass blockchain gaming to casual mobile games

Self-publishing platform Coda has launched Infinite Arcade, a new ecosystem supported by mobile devices to allow mobile game developers to integrate play-to-earn and NFT features into existing games.

In an effort to reduce the barriers to entry in the Web3 space, developers can access Infinite Arcade via an SDK on iOS and Android, which can be used to integrate Web3 features without the need to redesign games.

Infinite Arcade will launch with an initial network of 10 "mass market" casual mobile games, with plans to bring over 200 games to the platform by the end of 2022.

The platform’s economy will include NFTs, two tokens on the Ethereum blockchain ($ARC and $TIC), virtual real estate, and a "dashboard" for buyers and guilds. NFTs will act as "access keys" to the platform’s play and earn features and will begin with the launch of The Gamers NFT collection in March.

Breaking the walls

"Most existing blockchain-powered mobile games have fairly complex Web3 mechanics and deep game designs, thus, they don’t necessarily appeal directly to the mass audience of casual gamers," said Coda CEO Şekip Can Gökalp.

"Infinite Arcade aims to be an evolving ecosystem that combines the mass market appeal of free-to-play casual gameplay with a range of options for individuals and Guilds to get involved in community ownership."

Infinite Arcade has claimed that it has the potential to access over 2 billion casual mobile game users due to its capacity to bring casual games into the metaverse in one day.

Ahead of the launch of Infinite Arcade, spoke with Coda CEO Can Gökalp about the importance of bringing blockchain gaming to the masses, how the platform approaches the translation of free-to-play to play-to-earn, and more.

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