Infinity Games and Nerd Monkeys partner to port more games

From mobile to Xbox and Switch

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March 4th, 2022 partnership Infinity Games
Nerd Monkeys
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Infinity Games and Nerd Monkeys partner to port more games

Portugal-based Infinity Games has signed a partnership with Nerd Monkeys that will span multiple years to port more titles from mobile to Switch and Xbox.

The signing of this deal has come following the successful port of Traffix from mobile to Nintendo Switch, leading to a new objective of porting a selection of Infinity Games titles to console.

"It is very exciting to be partnering with Nerd Monkeys to expand our most successful games beyond the mobile market," said Infinity Games CEO Muhammad Satar.

"We first met in 2019 during a flight that happened to have us sit together. From there we essentially were ready to close a deal for a first experiment, to test Traffix on the Nintendo Switch. We were very happy with the results, so moving forward with this partnership just makes sense to us."

Nerd Monkeys was founded in April 2020 and, one year later, announced a new publishing branch.

In development

The next two ports currently in development have already been announced – revealed during Nerd Monkeys’ BananaWrap event - these being an Xbox release of Traffix and a second Switch port, Railways. Both games are being aimed at the same playerbase: players who like a challenge but also enjoy the chance to "chill".

Nerd Monkeys publishing director Diogo Vasconcelos added: "In April of 2021 we announced the new publishing branch of Nerd Monkeys, and Infinity Games were there right at its inception. They were instrumental to the success of our new adventure and it makes us incredibly proud to successfully collaborate with Infinity Games."

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