State of Survival celebrates third anniversary, passes download milestone

The game has passed a milestone 150 million downloads

State of Survival celebrates third anniversary, passes download milestone

Funplus are celebrating the third anniversary of State of Survival, its popular zombie strategy game, as well as passing a milestone 150 million downloads.

“We’re incredibly proud of State of Survival’s performance and our growing community over these successful three years,” said FunPlus chief business officer Chris Petrovic. “This 150 million downloads milestone reinforces State of Survival as one of the great franchises of the strategy genre.”

State of Survival’s success can be partly attributed to combination of the established strategy genre with the world of zombies, thus opening the genre up to a wider fanbase. This has been compounded with crossovers with other popular franchises, with characters such as The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon and DC Comics’ Joker into the game. The crossover with The Walking Dead was particularly successful, earning the game 20 million new downloads and pushing it over the 100 million mark.

More recently, the game collaborated with the UFC, implementing not just skins and gifts but free heroes, avatars, and digital tickets to UFC 277.

The game has also maintained its popularity with a steady stream of events, giving players fresh incentives to log in to the game.

The game celebrated its milestone 150 million downloads with a series of in-game activities and events, including new episodes of the ‘Meet the Survivors’ series, log-in events, and decorations. Players who have reached the Generation 9 level can also unlock two new heroes: guitarist Buzz, and sniper Scope.

Over the game’s history it has earned more than a billion dollars, more than 3 billion zombies have been killed, while players have taken part in morethan 305 million PVP battles, showcasing the game’s massive – and continued – popularity.

We listed FunPlus as one of the top 50 mobile game makers of 2022. This was partly due to the massive success of State of Survival, as well as the continuing success of King of Avalon.



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