RDC 2022: Select Roblox devs set to receive half a million dollars in funding

Roblox’s Game Fund will see a limited number of developers on the platform receive a minimum of $500,000.

RDC 2022: Select Roblox devs set to receive half a million dollars in funding

Launching last year, the Roblox Games Fundstarted with $25 million set aside to fund up-and-coming games, Roblox Corp. has now added a further $10 million that will be shared amongst a handful of projects that the company say symbolises what its platform is all about.

Although only a few projects will see this investment any developers whose projects are on the list will receive a minimum of $500,000.

This news comes as the Roblox Developer Conference is taking place with new developer tools among other things being introduced.

Although there is a common conception that many Roblox games are made by individuals, there are many teams of developers who work solely on the online gaming platform and this investment figure is meant to reflect that.

This could suggest that Roblox Corp. is more interested in bigger and more ambitious projects on its platform moving forward as opposed to the smaller, made-in-a-bedroom, style titles Roblox made its name on.

Those receiving funding are said to be developers who are pushing the envelope of what’s technically possible on the platform.

The developers who are selected for the half-million dollar funding will be those with “a track record of success” - Roblox head of community expansion, Jad Boniface, told TechCrunch.

There are some up for funding who have never created a game on the Roblox platform before, however, those are developers with a positive background on other platforms.

The developers up for funding are:

  • Phaser Lock Interactive, creator of Primal Hunt
  • Maximillian Studios, the team behind the “social horror” game Secret Neighbor
  • Karlie Kloss, the creators of the music battle game Skullbeat and the studio behind Fashion Klossette, an upcoming “next-generation fashion experience”.

Other Roblox Funding Opportunities

In addition to the Roblox Games Fund, developers who missed out can take advantage of the Community Fund.

This accelerator programme hands out $13,000 awards to five game devs at a time, picking up the bill for educational projects and a talent hub that functions as a kind of matchmaking service just for its developer community.

Most of those support services for developers were decided on at the same time as the previous round of the Roblox Games Fund last year.

Roblox has been a regular feature on our pages recently, Roblox Corp. secured a spot in our Top 50 Mobile Game Makers awards earlier in the year, most recently they've made a string of high-level hires, including Stefano Corazza from Adobe.


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