PUBG Mobile’s fifth anniversary brings custom build tools to the game

The mobile battle-royale’s new suite of tools will allow players to build custom modes and maps

PUBG Mobile’s fifth anniversary brings custom build tools to the game

PUBG Mobile’s fifth anniversary celebration begins tomorrow, March 16, and instead of simply adding in-game events and additions, it’s offering a whole new mode to compete with rival metaverse creator platforms such as Roblox.

The new mode being added for the game’s anniversary is entitled World of Wonder and will offer players the tools to build their own maps, modes and more within the PUBG Mobile platform. Initially launching in beta, not all of the promised tools will be available at launch, however it already marks an ambitious shift, especially for a mobile game.

As the description states “With more advanced features, budding game designers will be able to set game parameters, and within them a host of gameplay devices and objects, that together can introduce new mechanics and ways of playing PUBG Mobile! The World of Wonder creators will be capable of creating experiences that cover a wide selection of play genres including Arms Races, Deathmatches, Racing, Battle Royales, and much more."

Metaverse Mastery?

The decision to include this new creator-focused mode is an interesting step, potentially not only extending the longevity of the game but elevating it beyond its battle-royale roots. Bringing the mode to mobile also offers the tools to a vast worldwide audience beyond the reach of the PC and console versions.

It also reflects PUBG’s legacy more broadly. The original game was actually created as a mod for the military simulator game Arma 3, before exploding in popularity and and arriving as a standalone title on PC and consoles in 2017. Although the game has seen issues - especially when publishing in India - publisher Krafton remains resolute in bringing new updates and additions to keep the game in the spotlight.

Whether World of Wonder will be a success and will stick around will become clear once players get their hands on the full tools when it releases from beta.

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