Nuverse’s Dragonheir to partner with Dungeons & Dragons

The upcoming title will partner with Wizards of the Coast, owners of the D&D franchise

Nuverse’s Dragonheir to partner with Dungeons & Dragons

SGRA Studio’s Dragonheir: Silent Gods has yet to even release, but it’s already announced their first collaboration with popular tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons.

The title, set to be released in the second half of 2023, was announced earlier this year. And already the mobile and PC RPG has its first collaboration crossover on the cards, with Dungeons & Dragons, the iconic tabletop roleplaying game. D&D is of course the modern precursor to most - but not all - tabletop RPGs and has inspired books, games and films all on its own.

Nuverse, publisher of Dragonheir, had previously published Second Dinner’s Marvel Snap, another majorly popular franchise-based game.

It seems that, even before Dragonheir’s release, Wizards of the Coast sees potential in putting their iconic characters and creatures into the game.

SGRA Studio lead developer Sagi commented on the enthusiasm the team had for the collaboration. “We are beyond excited to be working with Wizards of the Coast to bring iconic Dungeons & Dragons characters into our game.

“All of us at SGRA have been fans of Dungeons & Dragons for years now, and only dreamed of creating stories about legends such as Erttu and Drizzt, let alone being able to directly bring them into our game! We cannot wait to see players forge their own legends - Dragonheir: Silent Gods is our love letter to high fantasy RPGs and we’re excited to release the game later this year.”

Conjuring crossovers

There are of course some who might say this seems premature, however it’s undeniable that the two properties do have a common setting in high -fantasy. And with Nuverse’s success in publishing Marvel Snap, other licence holders may be eyeing their various new properties for potential collaborations. In fact, this is something that Wizards of the Coast touch on themselves in their comment on the news.

Wizards of the Coast SVP of business development and digital licensing Eugene Evans said “This is an exciting time for the brand and, we’re thrilled to bring the characters of Dungeons & Dragons to life with new audiences, and have found great gaming partners in SGRA and Nuverse. The IP integration strategy of Nuverse combined with SGRA’s passion and dedication to quality content create a collaboration we are excited to be an integral part of.”

It’s certainly an endorsement of how Nuverse handles its IP rights, and something the company has previously commented on as being a major strategy for their success.

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