CEO Mikkel Weider leaves Nordisk

The CEO ended his tenure by mutual agreement with Allan Mathson Hansen appointed in interim

CEO Mikkel Weider leaves Nordisk

Nordisk Film have announced that Mikkel Weider, CEO of Nordisk Games, has ended his tenure by mutual agreement.

Nordisk Games are a video game investment firm who have made major inroads into mobile with majority stakes in companies such as Star Stable Entertainment. Nordisk themselves being a film producer, marketer and distributor. This latest move will see Allan Mathson Hansen stepping in as the interim-CEO while a search is undertaken for a new individual to fill the role.

Mathson stated, “Nordisk Games is in a good position to deliver long-term growth. In the current complex and challenging global environment in which our game studios operate, we believe a change is needed to meet the challenges that we face, consolidate the portfolio, and still capture the opportunities before us. We are therefore in agreement with Mikkel that this is a good time for a change of guard.”

Allan Mathson Hansen, interim-CEO at Nordisk Games

Changing of the guard

Weider stated he was "proud" of his time at Nordisk but would go on to say, "Having now achieved what we set out to do when Nordisk Games was founded, and considering the tasks that lie ahead, this is the right time for a change. I will be sad to leave but I am also excited about exploring the new opportunities that lies ahead. I am confident that Nordisk Games will continue to thrive in the best possible way.”

A change in the position of CEO is not at all unprecedented, although in this case given how active Nordisk is in investment, a lot of people will be keeping a close eye on the work done following Weider's departure.

Previously changes at Nordisk in June of 2022 saw numerous new moves including the appointment of Ebba Ljungerud to the board of directors. 

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