Supercell launches new title Flood Rush into beta

The game surprise-launched at the end of May

Supercell launches new title Flood Rush into beta

Supercell’s latest title, Flood Rush, has launched into closed beta in a small number of countries.

The title, which features a combination of MOBA style gameplay and real-time strategy, launched into closed beta in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the US. The beta is set to run from May 29 to June 7. It follows a pattern of other Supercell titles being dropped into beta to gauge interest, although many will be following this title carefully to see if it runs into the same fate as some of the developer’s other beta titles.

Flood Rush now has its own social media pages, trailer and website to browse, although there hasn’t been much in the way of official fanfare to announce the game’s release. The stealthy launch of the title - aside from a leak a few days before the game’s release - may indicate an attempt to attract organic users and gauge interest outside of Supercell’s dedicated following.

A history of drops and successes

Supercell is well known for the amazing success of its titles, with Clash of Clans regularly being one of the most widely played and top earning titles in the world. The company, and contemporary Rovio, have widely been credited with kickstarting Finland’s thriving mobile games industry. However, they’re equally well known for a ruthless approach to titles that underperform in their estimations.

Titles such as Clash Quest and Everdale, despite positive reception from players, did not meet the cut for Supercell and were quietly closed down after a period of release. Supercell has always pursued each game as their next “big hit” and avoided having a swathe of titles in development at any one time in favour of a continuously rotating stable of games in beta.

It’s a design approach that has been controversial, but that Supercell have also been fairly transparent about. They certainly haven’t simply buried these titles either, as Metacore - creators of Merge Mansion - recently acquired the now dormant Everdale title from Supercell.

For those who like what Flood Rush has to offer, they’ll be hoping this closed beta leads to big things for the title. Otherwise, this new Supercell outing may simply capsize before it gets out of the docks.

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