Space Ape Games announces Chrome Valley Customs in cross-promotion with Beatstar

A song inspired by the game features in Space Ape’s hit rhythm game

Space Ape Games announces Chrome Valley Customs in cross-promotion with Beatstar

Space Ape Games have announced their newest title, Chrome Valley Customs, in an unusual way - by cross-promoting the game in another title of theirs, Beatstar.

In a post on LinkedIn, co-founder of Space Ape Games, Simon Hade showed off how users could pre-register for Chrome Valley Customs in-game and receive a unique song to play in Beatstar as a reward. Beatstar is a rhythm game that challenges players to tap and swipe the screen in time with the music, and features songs by a number of famous artists including Marshmello and The Outkast.

Space Ape Games’ most recent title, Boom Beach: Frontlines, fell foul of Supercell’s exacting standards when the title was shelved in January only six months after soft launch. Chrome Valley Customs looks to promise players a mix of garage simulation, puzzles and story that should have broad appeal for the kind of wide audience Beatstar also claimed.

Cross promoting in your own titles

Space Ape Games has seen massive success with Beatstar. But this latest move is certainly interesting, as it shows how Space Ape has a unique opportunity to, and are aware that they can, leverage another of their games to promote a new title. With 38m downloads as of the end of 2022, if only a fraction of that number are playing and pre-register to claim the new song, it’ll be a user acquisition coup for Space Ape Games.

Players may not know, or even be interested in Space Ape Games’ wider catalogue, but considering the whole point of Beatstar is playing different songs, many players will be clamouring for another to play. Thus, it exposes the maximum number of people possible to Chrome Valley Custom’s launch and encourages pre-registration for the benefit of this new song.

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