Live service platform RallyHere forms partnership with Prophecy Games

The platform aims to ease the development of cross-platform titles

Date Type Companies involved Size
June 8th, 2023 partnership Hi-Rez Studios Not disclosed
Live service platform RallyHere forms partnership with Prophecy Games

Live service platform RallyHere has announced its first partnership with Prophecy Games to provide operations for the alpha release of the company’s upcoming title Starsiege: Deadzone.

RallyHere was created earlier this year by Hi-Rez Studios veterans Stewart Chisam, Phil Collins, and Trevor Williams, and operates as a wholly owned but operationally separate subsidiary of the company with plans to spin-off into an independent entity.

Although the platform has only seen a wider release this year, it has been developed within Hi-Rez over a period of almost 20 years, and has been used by over 150 million players worldwide. This expertise allows the platform to offer developers a fully integrated product suite which covers the key features needed to run live service games across multiple platforms.

Success across platforms

“The integration of RallyHere's game infrastructure into Prophecy Games' ecosystem was nothing short of impressive,” said Prophecy Games principal software engineer Greg Tinney. “Within an accelerated time frame, we harnessed RallyHere's cross-platform account management, instance-server optimisation, and real-time liveops configuration to revolutionise our multiplayer experiences, player progression strategy, and community building efforts.”

“Our mission is to help developers stay hyper focused on their gameplay and not have to worry about the operation of the game on the backend,” said RallyHere CEO Stewart Chisam. “Put simply, we provide the infrastructure so game studios can focus on what makes their game unique - on building great game worlds and incredible gameplay without having to worry about things like cross-platform authentication, monetization, matchmaking and social systems.

“Another key differentiation is that we help companies understand what goes into running live service ops games once launched. The RallyHere platform has the tools and our team have the knowledge to supercharge the growth of live service games whilst also enabling them to maintain themselves with smaller teams.”

In April, cross-platform title Honkai: Star Rail made its debut, quickly accumulating 20 million downloads on mobile and PC alone.


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