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NFL goes Web3 and blockchain for new mobile game

Mythical Games bag major partnership for potential breakout blockchain title
NFL goes Web3 and blockchain for new mobile game
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An National Football League-endorsed new, blockchain-backed mobile game has been released into early access.

NFL Rivals is developed in collaboration with Mythical Games, a developer specialising in blockchain games. With a more arcade based approach to the sport than traditional sims, it allows players to access familiar blockchain concept of digital ownership, with players collected and owned by gamers who can trade them or upgrade them over time. The NFL’s contribution naturally comes with the addition of recognisable, real-world players and teams to the title.

In a recent interview with, senior vice president of platform at Mythical Games, Daniel Frank commented on the purpose behind their digital ownership-based games. “Play-to-earn begins with great games, so the term play-AND-earn shifts focus to long term value and engagement versus an all too often short term speculative approach that NFT projects searching for follow-up utility fall prey to.

“The sense of 'earning' is built on the premise of ownership of assets which provides more freedom - arguably something every person and gamer wants. What may be even more transformative in our landscape is promoting a play-and-own mindset, where true ownership of assets is a groundswell and common need that collectively the entire games industry will need to adopt.”

Betting on blockchain

Mythical Games working with the NFL is a major partnership, and if the appeal of digital ownership can work for any brand it could be the National Football League. Other titles, most famously EA’s FIFA series, have included digital collectibles in their games for years. Although far from the first title to do so, Mythical’s move does mark another major sporting brand endorsement for blockchain technology.

Despite the controversy around the tech, and the crypto winter, many companies are still betting big on blockchain, arguing that digital ownership will soon be a major factor in player’s choice of platform and title. If so, the wide reach of mobile gaming, the largest segment of gaming globally, may be what finally sees a big blockchain game go mainstream.