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Niantic brings The North Face x Gucci collection to Pokemon Go

Available in 100 cities worldwide
Niantic brings The North Face x Gucci collection to Pokemon Go
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Niantic has collaborated with The North Face x Gucci collection to bring cosmetic items to Pokemon Go.

As detailed in a blog post, the items can be collected from 100 PokeStops that are found around the world. Moreover, these are located at Gucci stores found within a variety of cities.

Furthermore, if a player wishes to match their in-game character, they can buy the items in real-life too. To learn more, they can visit The North Face and Gucci website.

In the UK, just one city will have a featured PokeStop, and that is London, England. However, it is worth noting that the UK has entered a full national lockdown.

Other qualified cities include Milan, Florence, Rome, Moscow, Vienna, Munich, Johannesburg and Barcelona. As well as a whole host of more locations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Round the world

Meanwhile, in North America, there are plenty of cities that feature a Gucci store. These include Vancouver, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City, Houston, Palm Desert, Boston, Troy, Nashville, San Diego and more.

As for Latin America, players in Sao Paulo, Santiago, Monterrey and Mexico City will have access to a PokeStop.

As for Asia, the many cities taking part include Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Kobe and more. Finally, down under, Australian trainers may go to the Gucci stores in Melbourne and Sydney.

Recently, Niantic revealed a new Pokemon Go competition which will see players offered the chance to become an in-game trainer character.