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Niantic and Qualcomm sign multi-year deal for AR gaming tech

Qualcomm’s XR2 tech meets Niantic Real World Platform
Niantic and Qualcomm sign multi-year deal for AR gaming tech
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Dec 6, 2019 partnership Niantic Qualcomm Not disclosed

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has agreed a multi-year deal with chip firm Qualcomm to work on AR glasses, software and cloud components.

Unveiled at the Snapdragon Technology Summit 2019, both companies will look to accelerate the technology before optimising for each’s respective platforms.

An example of this could be Pokemon Go users playing the game via AR glasses brought about by Qualcomm’s XR2 software and hardware.

Those that have been accepted to Niantic’s Creator Program will be able to benefit from the collaboration too, with more details expected to be released when it launches.

“Unlocking the potential”

“At Niantic, we’re unlocking the potential to create next generation AR experiences through the Niantic Real World Platform, and building new ways to map, share and understand reality,” said Niantic co-founder and CTO Phil Keslin

“The Niantic Real-World Platform has been proven out by hundreds of millions of users, through consumer experiences such as Ingress, Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.”

Keslin added: “We’re looking forward to helping move the entire AR industry forward as we work together with Qualcomm Technologies to define a true end-to-end architecture - inclusive of hardware, software, and cloud technologies.”

Qualcomm recently signed a deal with a Chinese publisher Tencent to potentially partner on a number of digital entertainment projects including 5G, Snapdragon-based smartphones and cloud gaming.