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Nintendo's mobile games have cleared $1 billion in revenue combined

Fire Emblem Heroes still leads the pack at $656 million
Nintendo's mobile games have cleared $1 billion in revenue combined

Nintendo's catalogue of mobile games have now generated over $1 billion collectively, according to data from Sensor Tower.

The intelligence firm estimates that Fire Emblem Heroes has generated $656 million alone, or 61 per cent of the overall total. Animal Crossing takes second place with an estimated $131 million, with Dragalia Lost landing third with $123 million.

In terms of regions, Japan leads the way for revenue, generating an estimated $581 million, or 54 per cent of the overall total. The US took second with $316 million, or 29 per cent of the total.

Interestingly, 2019-released puzzler Dr. Mario World has completely flopped, generating just $4.8 million worldwide. Mario Kart Tour, launched not long after, has so far generated an estimated $86 million, beating premium title Super Mario World by $10 million.

As for downloads, Super Mario Run is still on top, with 244 million downloads since launch. Mario Kart Tour, despite its youth, took second place with 147 million downloads. Fire Emblem Heroes is estimated to have secured just 16 million downloads, leading to an impressive average revenue-per-download of $41.

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Fire Emblem Heroes surpassed $500 million in revenues in February 2019, two years after it first launched. If it is able to maintain this pace, it will likely clear $1 billion in early 2021.

Mario Kart Tour was reported as having a slump in downloads in December 2019, though its revenue continued to grow regardless. A much-awaited multiplayer mode is currently in beta, and is likely to launch later this year.