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Nintendo prepares Super Mario Run for jump to Android

Big download numbers expected
Nintendo prepares Super Mario Run for jump to Android

Super Mario Runcould soon make the jump to Android devices after Nintendo opened up pre-registrations for the game on the Google Play marketplace.

Mario’s debut mobile game was launched on December 15th for iPhones and iPads and was downloaded over 50 million times in its first week.

Revenue estimates

There’s been no official word on the exact revenues the game has made so far, however. Super Mario Run is free-to-start, but then charges $9.99 for users to unlock the full game.

App Annie estimated the title made $14 million during its first three days from 37 million downloads. With 1.4 million players converting, this equates to a 4% conversion rate.

It could therefore be estimated that Super Mario Run made around $20 million during its first week, assuming that conversion rate held after the first few days of sale.

Download numbers for Super Mario Run on Android are expected to be high, but how well those users will monetise compared to players on iOS remains to be seen.

The game's business model has received criticism from players, a topic's Craig Chapple and Matt Suckley looked at from both sides to discuss whether the backlash was justified.