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Developers can retain 95% to 100% of their game revenue for a platform fee of 5% for in-game transactions hits 100 million users, introduces platform fee of up to 5%
  • One of's standout features is the ability for users to instantly play games with friends, along with a universal currency that's usable across major gaming platforms.
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Mobile cloud gaming company has surpassed 100 million registered users across Android, iOS, PC, Mac and TV, according to Gamesbeat. lets players stream their Android games to any device. Developers who publish their games on can received a 95% revenue share for in-game transactions, or 100% of sales if they use a web shop. CEO Rosen Sharma said that the company has been “focused on cross-platform gaming for over a decade", with the BlueStacks App Player recently crossing 1.5 billion downloads.

"The cloud has taken this to a different level, and we are seeing 8 to 10 large and Indie developers sign up to publish their games to every day," he said.

New deals recently announced a new partnereships with web3 companies Line Next and NTT Digital to expand its platform offerings.

The Line Next deal will see the company bring its existing and new titles to the platform, while the NTT Digital partnership introduces "wallet-as-a-service to the platform, enabling users to make in-app purchases and send gifts through web2 and web3 funds.