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Only 20 percent of mobile gamers are fully engaged when playing

(And the other 80 percent do so while multitasking.) A new report from LoopMe delves into the global gaming market
Only 20 percent of mobile gamers are fully engaged when playing
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A new report by LoopMe has examined mobile gaming habits in the US, UK, and Singapore.

62 percent of the 18,340 surveyed consumers play games on their mobile devices. The UK saw the largest proportion of mobile gamers at 66 percent, followed by 64 percent in the USA and 57 percent in Singapore.

The majority of gamers play games multiple times a day, with 34 percent of respondents playing between two to four times while 31 percent play more than five times. The UK saw the largest proportion of gamers playing two to four times a day, with 38 percent, while American gamers were more likely to play more than five times at 35 percent.

38 percent of respondents across all three regions play for an average of one to two hours a day, while fifteen percent play for more than five hours a day. Again, America led the way in terms of playtime, with 17 percent of those surveyed spending more than five hours a day in-game, compared to 14 percent in the UK and 16 percent in Singapore.

A failure to engage

Despite this, the study shows that only 20 percent of respondents are fully engaged with mobile gaming, with the other 80 percent doing so while multitasking.

Out of those who admitted to playing games while doing something else, television proved to be the biggest draw at 43 percent. American gamers were more likely than any other group to watch television while playing games on their phones, at 52 percent. British gamers came close behind, at 48 percent, while 28 percent of gamers in Singapore watch television.

The preference of television among mobile gamers is even starker compared to other distractions. No other form of entertainment exceeded 20 percent on average, with only gamers in Singapore reaching this figure, with 20 percent gaming while checking social media and 23 percent listening to music. Singapore also saw the highest proportion of respondents who play mobile games while doing nothing else.

57 percent of respondents play mobile games during their spare time. This was highest in the UK (63 percent), followed by the US (60 percent) and Singapore (48 percent). In contrast, Singapore saw the highest proportion of people who reported playing mobile games while on their commute, compared to 6 percent in the UK and 4 percent in the US. This suggests that, despite the ease of picking up mobile games while on the go, the majority of commuters in the US and UK prefer to find other forms of entertainment, such as reading or surfing the internet while in transit.

A Newzoo report published last month forecast that the mobile gaming market will shrink 6.4 percent in 2022.