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Palm offers official list to link up webOS clients with developers

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Palm offers official list to link up webOS clients with developers

Most OEMs are happy to promote developers' apps on their stores, but Palm is going one step further with its new initiative to link up clients and developers.

It's just launched a list designed to make it easier for companies requiring webOS expertise to find studios who can help them out. 

Categorised as webOS thirdparty development services, the list details both developers and consultants available for hire, the idea being companies now have an official database they can call on if they're looking to work on Palm's platform.

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"Sometimes you need to get an app developed, but don’t really have the time or the expertise to do the project yourself," says Fred Patton, editor-in-chief of Palm's developer portal.

"In that case, one solution is to hire a thirdparty developer to take on the task.

"We've gotten lots of inquiries about what companies are available to do webOS development. So to help out, we've put together a list of thirdparty developers and consultants who would love to help."

Said list so far consists of ten developers, 2 consultants and 1 project management team, with Palm encouraging further studios to get in touch to see if they qualify.

"HP and Palm can't guarantee your results your mileage may vary," the entry concludes.

"And you'll want to discuss your specific needs with the consultant to make sure they’re the best fit for your task. But working with a company that’s intimately familiar with webOS can be a great time saver."

You can check out the list in full here.