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HP to unveil webOS strategy on February 9

Announcing future announcements
HP to unveil webOS strategy on February 9

It's either a case of desperation or excitement when we start writing news stories about companies who announce press conferences.

But that's the deal with HP, which has sent out invitations that it's ignoring the CES bun fight and will, instead, be talking up its future webOS strategy in San Francisco on February 9.

Palm face

The company has been fending off rumours after it spent $1.2 billion on Palm last year, with general confusion ever since about whether Palm and webOS will continue to be a smartphone brand or become a tablet brand, a platform for HP's printers, scanners and other PC accessories, or all of the same.

Certainly, 'Think big, Think small, Think beyond' suggests more, not less.

I guess we'll find out in a month or so.