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Palm publishes leaderboards for $1 million HotApp PDK competition

Tally running until end of September
Palm publishes leaderboards for $1 million HotApp PDK competition

If you want to entice developers to work on your platform, giving them a chance to take a sizeable share of a $1 million prize fund is a sweet way to do it.

And that's what Palm's HotApps competition which looks to reward the most successful apps developed using its new native Palm Developers Kit is designed to do.

Participating studios have the opportunity to win anything from $1,000 in HP store credit to the top prize of $100,000, based on their app's success.

With the competition set to run until the end of September, Palm is keen to let developers know exactly where they stand too, with the company today publishing leaderboards detailing the top performing apps since kick-off on July 15.

Top of the Palm pops

The firm is running two separate streams: one for paid apps, which ranks in terms of revenue earned, and one for free apps, which tallies up total downloads.

Counting down the top 70 apps in each category, the most healthy competition is on the paid side, with all the prize-winning slots and more currently filled.

The free apps leaderboard conveys a more open situation with just 16 apps currently taking up the top positions.

Palm says it intends to update the leaderboards daily as the competition continues over the next month and a half.

[source: Palm]