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PG Connects speaker spotlight: Mika Kuusisto, Applifier

Don't forget what's most important - amazing games!
PG Connects speaker spotlight: Mika Kuusisto, Applifier
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It's just days to go before Pocket Gamer Connects 2014.

So to whet your appetite, we're finding out more about some of our speakers.

Mika heads Applifier's business development for Europe and has spend his career in mobile games and apps discovery and distribution.

At Applifier, he helps developers to monetise their games with the Everyplay gameplay recording and sharing solution.

Pocket Gamer: What do you think has been the most significant event for mobile games during 2013?

Mika Kuusisto In a true 'East meets West' spirit I have to say the Supercell deal was the biggest news of the year. Also, free-to-play has taken the market with a pace I don't think many of us expected.

As for Applifier, 2013 was the year of growth and scaling our products and teams to support hundreds of developers out there. It has been amazing to see how Everyplay Replay recording and sharing network has been driving up to 7.5 percent of daily installs to some developers.

What do you think will be the biggest challenges and opportunities in 2014?

I believe getting your game discovered will remain challenging in 2014. Developers need to find new ways for acquiring users, especially indies without deep pockets.

Going global is an opportunity I know many of us are looking forward to capitalise on in 2014.

How will indie developers fare? Any advice?

Market keeps getting bigger, which is always exciting and brings many new opportunities for indies as well. My advice is not to forget what's most important - build amazing games!

How big do you think the East-meets-West opportunity is, and which markets are you most excited about in 2014?

I look at Japan and South Korea with huge interest and with respect - opportunities in those markets are significant and everybody knows how difficult those markets have traditionally been for western companies.

We have some exceptions like Supercell, which proves it is not impossible. Their example inspires all of us.

What are you expecting to learn from attending Pocket Gamer Connects?

I hope to learn from the best, meet great people, and play some cool games.

What were your favourite mobile games of 2013?

It's difficult to choose between so many great games launched. But if I have to choose one, it is Badland from our friends at Frogmind. Badland's graphics, physics, design - the whole package - spells addiction to me.

Finally, what's your New Year's resolution and what resolution would you enforce on the industry?

My resolution is to play more games with my two beautiful daughters. I have lost some 30 rounds of the Princess Cup Cake board game already!

For the industry, keep pushing the barriers and create great games!