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PG Connects Advent Day 14: Want to emulate the Subway Surfers success story?

From Animoca Brands to War Child, via SYBO and Seriously, our InduTrends speakers share their game-changing insight
PG Connects Advent Day 14: Want to emulate the Subway Surfers success story?

We're running a 'PGC London 2018 Advent Calendar' throughout December. Every day, an informative conference-related update full of niceness.

We've covered some of our PG Connects London 2018 (January 22nd to 23rd) tracks arleady, of course.

Regular readers may already know about our influencer marketing coverage, our planned journey into cryptocurrency, the return of a reworked indie development track, our financial-focused content, and brand new additions dealing with company culture and practical development knowhow.

Today the limelight turns on InduTrends. For its second year on the PGC London roster this wide-ranging track will kick off with SYBO CEO Mathias Norvig recounting the studio's Subway Surfers story. How the team has built and sustained the brand while evolving it beyond the mobile gaming realm, alongisde insight into why the SYBO publishing model has proved such a success.

Extending the concept of success through collaboration, Lasse Seppanen at PlayRaven will discuss the developer's partnership with CCP Games for its new EVE mobile project, as well as teaming up with London-based Improbable (who recently secured a $500 million+ investment).

Elsewhere we'll have respected speaker Aurora Klaeboe Berg (Megacool) diving into the growth features that every developer should know, Animoca Brands's Robby Yung arguing for a new way to educate through gaming, Matt McMahon of Seriously on the future of Hollywood and games, Josh Burns at DigitalDevConnect leading a panel of messaging platforms experts featuring the likes of MojiWorks, Chatterbox, Gamee, and Spil Games to explore this exciting, uncrowded channel for mobile gaming IP, while War Child UK's Adam Holmes will discuss the benefits of getting your audience involved with charitable causes.

Finally, former editor Jon Jordan of Accidental Gizmo will close up proceedings with a look at what happens next for mobile gaming.

That's got to be worth the price of admission alone, surely? (Remember your PGBIZ10 code for a 10% discount.)