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PG Connects Advent Day 23: Connects London 2018 is mobile... but also AR/VR/MR... and PC

One ticket gives full content and fringe access to all three events
PG Connects Advent Day 23: Connects London 2018 is mobile... but also AR/VR/MR... and PC
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We're wrapping up our 'PGC London 2018 Advent Calendar'. Every day, an informative conference-related 'and there's also this' update.

Everyone likes presents but Christmas is really about giving.

Which is why our penultimate advent article will forgo its expected focus on PG Connects London (January 22nd to 23rd) and instead give associated conferences XR and PC Connects a second, final shout instead.

Both events take place alongside PGC within dedicated areas of The Brewery (the excellent staff there have effectively built a new underground wing to house our additional requirements) and as you'd expect each focuses on a very different area of the games industry.

But as we're aware that an increasing number of mobile game developers now work cross-platform, we've deliberately opened up access to all three conferences on a single ticket.


So if you dabble in augmented-, virtual-, or mixed-reality then our rebranded and reworked XR Connects London is at your disposal. Choose from five tracks offering 30+ hours of content covering trends, technical and design knowhow, future technologies, real-world case studies from some 40 speakers such as Tommy Palm (Resolution Games), Modern Dream's Oliver Clark, Tracy Spaight at Wargaming, Cindy Mallory (DreamSail Games), Pete Jones from CherryPop Games, AMD's Chris Donahue, PlayStation VR's Nick Rooke, Marty Green at Coatsink, and plenty more.

If PC is more your thing, then all-new addition for 2018, PC Connects London, should prove the extra sherry to your PG Connects mince pie. With expert insight from the likes of Matthew Kemp at Jagex, James Vaughan from Ndemic Creations, Ninja Theory's Dominic Matthews, Curve Digital's Alex Moyet, Team17's Matthew Benson, Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson, Mike Bithell, Square Enix West's Phil Elliott, and more (including an appropriately festive welcome to Pocket Gamer alumni Mike Rose and Peter Willington) you can expect two days dedicated to the core issues facing game developers in the PC digital gaming space, from creative inspiration and technical tricks through to advice on marketing and business in a changing retail environment.

Complementing the content of both (well, all) conferences are a host of fringe events, from three pitching competitions to themed expo areas to a range of pre-, in-, post-conference sessions designed to maximise our 2,000+ delegates' networking potential.

All you have to do is turn up. (Use code PGBIZ10 to grab a 10% discount.)