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PG Connects Advent Day 21: The Pitch & Match PGC London 2018 meeting system is live

Let the free-and-unlimited connecting begin
PG Connects Advent Day 21: The Pitch & Match PGC London 2018 meeting system is live
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We're running a 'PGC London 2018 Advent Calendar' throughout December. Every day, an informative conference-related update full of gorgeous connectivity.

Chances are you've gone off to the office Christmas party or have simply already downed tools for the festive season.

But plough on we must.

If you are reading, and have already registered for our fifth PG Connects London (January 22nd to 23rd), then know you're gaining an advantage because you'll be able to start making those all-important connections. 

That's because we've launched the conference's Pitch & Match system a little earlier than usual this year. For the uninitiated this is our dedicated meeting tool that enables delegates to request and confirm meetings with each other during the event.

No cost, no limit

It's free to every registered delegate. And unlike alternatives you may have experienced elsewhere, completely unlimited.

You want to cram in 40 meetings over two days? By all means.

We're certainly ready. We're anticipating well over 5,000 meetings via the system during our 'biggest, baddest' PGC London due to more than 2,000 delegates from right across the mobile gaming ecosystem.

We have more meeting tables. More meeting zones (it'll make sense once you're in the system). More meeting time slots.

(And to encourage additional connections, we have a number of fringe events designed entirely around networking.)

When can all this fun start? Well, we're adding the registered delegates in batches and will have them all processed by the end of this week (you'll be alerted once you're in the next batch). Then you're free to play.

Not registered yet but want in? The PGC London 2018 registration page is your friend.