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PlayJam poaches Criterion founder Billyard to serve as CTO

Set to deliver 'technical vision'
PlayJam poaches Criterion founder Billyard to serve as CTO

US TV gaming company PlayJam has announced the appointment of Criterion founder Adam Billyard as its new CTO, with developing the firm's technology his target.

Billyard, who set up Criterion in Guildford in the UK 1993 before it was acquired by EA 11 years later, is set to play an "integral role" in the company's strategic direction and future growth.

Future render

Indeed, PlayJam is keen to make much of the success Criterion enjoyed developing middleware in the mid-noughties, with the firm's Renderware technology having been employed in hugely successful franchises such as Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto and Criterion's own Burnout.

As such, the company hints that Billyard's handle on "technological development" will be key to PlayJam in the years to come.

"Adam joins a long list of industry veterans supporting PlayJam's absolute belief that Smart TV will emerge as one of the most important games platforms over the coming years," said CEO Jasper Smith.

"His extensive experience will help ensure PlayJam maintains its already significant momentum and position as the dominant games service in this space."

PlayJam's TV games platform is currently partnered with Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony, with the company having received $5 million in funding back in October.