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PlayJam signs white label deal with Asian OEM for Gamestick unconsole

Targeting Japan and Korea
PlayJam signs white label deal with Asian OEM for Gamestick unconsole

PlayJam, the company behind the GameStick Android unconsole, has signed a white label deal with Asian hardware manufacturer Avantis.

The arrangement will see Avantis license PlayJam's Game Platform for use on its own gaming hardware for Asian markets, notably Japan and Korea.

The platform is an open environment for developers that includes monetisation tools, worldwide billing, leaderboards, ad-serving capabilities and analytics.

"By using PlayJam's Games Platform, we are free to concentrate on our core competence of designing great hardware without having to make the substantial investment required to deliver the on screen user experience that today's gamers expect," explained Avantis CEO Mr. KJ Yoo.

"Using PlayJam's virtual console brings Avantis the service, scale and support needed at a fraction of the cost."

Key focus

The deal will provide PlayJam with a presence in the Asian market, potentially making the PlayJam platform a more attractive one for developers.

And as the battle of the unconsoles heats up, it could ultimately be developer support that decides the victor.

"Bringing affordable games to the big screen is absolutely central to PlayJam's mission," said PlayJam CEO Jasper Smith of the deal.

"The TV games ecosystem is rapidly evolving with a number of hardware manufacturers expected to enter the market over the coming years. PlayJam is well placed to help power this transition through the licensing of our built-for-TV games platform and a growing development community.

"We are delighted to be extending our technology, content and know-how to Avantis to power a games console focused on the Asian market," Smith continued.

"With changes expected particularly in the Chinese console market over the next few years, Asia is a key focus for us."