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Playtika subsidiary Wooga unveils Ghost Detective on Netflix

The hidden object game is the latest step in fulfilling Netflix’s gaming ambition
Playtika subsidiary Wooga unveils Ghost Detective on Netflix
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Wooga, a subsidiary of Playtika focusing on narrative-driven games, has unveiled Ghost Detective, a hidden object game putting players in the shoes of a ghostly investigator unraveling the mystery of her own murder on the streets of New Orleans - commonly considered one of the most haunted cities in America. The game will be released on the Netflix Games platform.

“This collaboration with Netflix is more than a milestone - it’s a testament to the shared dedication in delivering unparalleled experiences to audiences worldwide,” said Wooga managing director Nai Chang. “Like Netflix, Wooga stands as a beacon for captivating storytelling. The launch of Ghost Detective on Netflix Games is a remarkable step forward, promising players a spine-tingling adventure that aligns perfectly with the service’s dedication to immersive content.”

“Launching Ghost Detective on Netflix Games redefines the boundaries of storytelling, seamlessly blending Wooga’s narrative craftsmanship with Netflix's tremendous reach,” said Playtika chief revenue officer Ofer Kinberg. “This endeavor underscores Playtika’s commitment to provide immersive, thought-provoking experiences that captivate, challenge and inspire audiences around the globe as we carry out our mission of delivering infinite ways to play."

Playtika bounces back

Playtika has seen a rough year so far, complete with the closure of its Helsinki studio Seriously, the layoffs of 600 employees, and a halt on new game development following rocky financial results in Q4 2022.

However, Wooga has proven successful, despite mixed results for Playtika as a whole.September 2022 saw Wooga celebrate a milestone $500 million in revenue.

Netflix has quickly emerged as one of the gaming industry's premier gaming platforms, offering a variety of titles to Netflix’s 238 million subscribers worldwide. The company has already seen massive success, and it appears Netflix has high hopes for Wooga’s vision with Ghost Detective.

We listed Playtika and Netflix as two of the top 50 mobile game makers of 2023.