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Sign up for Pocket Gamer's Google I/O 2015 party on 27 May

We're going under the sea for our latest party
Sign up for Pocket Gamer's Google I/O 2015 party on 27 May
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It’s nearly the time of year when Google I/O hits the streets of San Francisco, dominates the headlines and takes up the best part of a week of your time with crazy busyness.

So naturally, we thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to arrange one of our Pocket Gamer parties to help you unwind after a hectic week on the West Coast.

Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter

Taking place on the 27 May, sponsored by Chukong and hosted at Harlot, we felt that being by the bay was the perfect excuse for a nautically-themed party.

That’s why we’ll be diving ‘Under the Sea’ with a themed party that’ll make everyone happy from the littlest mermaid to the biggest shark.

While fancy dress is not compulsory, we thoroughly encourage you to take a dip into your costume boxes and bring along some sea themed gear.

Whether you’re channelling Ridiculous Fishing, Deep Loot or even The Sailor’s Dream, we’d love to see your mobile gaming sea themed costumes.

Oh and if that’s not up your street, never fear! We’ll be handing out copious amounts of free drinks as per usual and offering you the most relaxed networking experience throughout the whole of the week.

Register now

If you’re interested in joining our sea themed shenanigans, then you’ll be pleased to know tickets are totally free.

Sign up for a free ticket on the events page, bring along a business card on the day and voila – you’ll be able to join the party.

So come and take the plunge with us – after all, everyone is happier under the sea aren’t they?