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Join us in Heaven (or Hell) at the Pocket Gamer WWDC 2015 party

We're nicking ideas from Hitman for our Harlot party
Join us in Heaven (or Hell) at the Pocket Gamer WWDC 2015 party
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Apple is taking yet another bite at an annual developer conference, with WWDC arriving in sunny San Francisco in the middle of June to show off the next version of iOS.

So, naturally, we had to make sure that the Pocket Gamer team were in town for the whole shebang.

And for our Pocket Gamer Party, we’ve decided to take a little bit of an influence from gaming for our theme.

Paradise Lost

Sponsored by Chukong and taking place at Harlot bar in San Francisco on the 9 June, we’re taking inspiration from Hitman: Blood Money to host our very own heaven and hell party.

Whether you’ve got the face of an angel or the Machiavellian mind of a devil, we’ll be decking out different bits of the club to reflect the eternal struggle between good and evil in life itself. 

Even superheroes come to our parties
Even superheroes come to our parties

Most importantly, we’ll be tempting you in with a whole bundle of free drinks for you to get involved with and offering some truly top quality networking.

And, unlike Blood Money, we won’t be surreptitiously bumping off party guests during the night…or will we?

Sign up now

If you’re at WWDC and want to join the fun, then it couldn’t be simpler.

Head over to the Pocket Gamer Events page to sign up for a free ticket and then all you have to do is bring along a business card on the day to get yourself into the party.

So why not find a bit of time in your WWDC schedule to escape the conference hell and come to our heavenly party? We promise it’s going to be amazing.