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"Diana has been on our radar for some time" is building a new brand and mobile game with YouTube child star Diana

Kids entertainment network is set to build a new dynasty with six-year-old YouTube sensation Diana.

As reported by Tubefilter, the young girl is already a huge star. Across 14 channels, the youngster has amassed 143 million subscribers with five billion views a month. Furthermore, six out of the 14 channels have been awarded a Diamond Play Button, an award that can only be given once a YouTube channel has hit 10 million subscribers.

As part of the new deal, will create a new brand known as Love, Diana with three different outlets, the first being consumer products. A new mobile game based on the young star will also be created, as will a 40-part series, which will embrace animation and live-action.

A star is born

"At, we specialize in identifying YouTube stars that we feel can be true global kids' franchises. It is a rare and special thing, and we mine constantly. Diana has been on our radar for some time, as she has a similar scale and magnetism that we saw in Ryan," said CEO Chris Williams.

"We've proven that there are vast opportunities for creators across everything from broader content distribution to games; premium series to books; and of course, consumer products. The opportunities are unique for every creator, and we go to great lengths to customize the approach accordingly. We are thrilled to have pioneered this space and paved the way for so many."

Last year, the child-friendly network launched its own games division, with plans of teaming up with famous YouTubers.