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The Pokemon Company continues mobile push with new 3D brawler Pokéland

10,000 participants joining in on a first come, first served basis
The Pokemon Company continues mobile push with new 3D brawler Pokéland
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The Pokemon Company is holding a Japan-only alpha test of its upcoming game Pokéland on Android less than a week after it launched idle game Magikarp Jump.

The Pokemon Company is only accepting 10,000 applicants onto its alpha test on a first come, first served basis. The test will run until June 9th, after which the game will be removed from stores and all player data will be wiped.

Pokéland sees players fighting their Pokemon in 3D battles similar to the Pokemon Rumble series. Pokemon can be collected and trained, much like other titles in the franchise.

Catch most of 'em

Alpha testers will gain access to the first 52 levels of the game, as well as being able to enter the "Champions Tower" up to level 15. 134 Pokemon will make their appearance in the trial.

Magikarp Jump was released worldwide on May 25th 2017. It is currently a top 100 grossing game in the US on iOS, despite only having relatively light monetisation.

The move suggests The Pokemon Company is keen to continue expanding the pokemon franchise on mobile in the wake of the massive success of Pokemon GO.

Other pokemon titles for mobile include Pokemon Shuffle and Pokemon Duel.

You can find out more about Pokéland on its official website.