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Iran bans Pokemon GO

And other strange goings-on around the world
Iran bans Pokemon GO
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Pokemon GO has been banned in Iran by the country's High Council of Virtual Spaces.

The ban, as reported by the BBC, is due to unspecified security concerns surrounding the game.

The game has yet to be released in Iran, although talk of the game had appeared across social media within the country.

It's the first country to issue an actual ban on Pokemon GO, but certainly not the first to show concerns around the game.

It has recently been launched in Malaysia, where government officials advised Muslim players to avoid playing it. They claimed the game would bring more harm than good, according to The Malay Mail Online.

Death and trespassing

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, The Guardian reports that a man has been shot dead while playing Pokemon GO, sparking law enforcement to warn people against playing the game and becoming too engrossed in it.

There's also a class-action lawsuit being built against Nintendo and Niantic on the grounds that the game encourages trespassing.

Despite all this, the game continues to perform well. Recently it has been generating $10 million a day in revenue without cannibalising the rest of the mobile game market.