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PUBG Mobile shoots through $1 billion of lifetime sales

Explosive growth in 2019
PUBG Mobile shoots through $1 billion of lifetime sales

Tencent’s PUBG Mobile has hit $1 billion in lifetime revenue.

That’s according to Sensor Tower, which estimates the game has experienced very strong sales growth in 2019.

That’s thanks to Tencent finally gaining the ability to add proper monetisation to a game that during 2018 couldn’t be updated due to Chinese government restrictions.

To-date, the game’s peak monthly sales have been over $160 million in July 2019.

Of course, the majority of this spending has come from China where the game is called Game For Peace.

But Sensor Tower reckons that in August, 40 percent of revenues were generated by the global release PUBG Mobile.

Across both versions, it has been downloaded over 400 million times.

Growing sector

In comparison to other mobile battle royale titles, PUBG Mobile is the first to $1 billion.

But NetEase’s Knives Out isn’t too far behind, with estimated total revenues of $820 million.

Fortnite, which is yet to launch in China, is estimated to have made over $750 million.

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