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Report: Apple preparing to launch an AR headset in 2020

Ready for use internally by 2019
Report: Apple preparing to launch an AR headset in 2020

Apple is reportedly stepping up production of a new AR headset and could launch a device some time in 2020.

As reported by Bloomberg, Apple's AR device will feature its own display and a new chip designed by the company. It will also run on a new OS, dubbed rOS.

The new chip has been described as a "system-on-a-package", much like Apple's Watch series. This means it can fit a number of components on a small area while also using less power.

Seeing things

Its new OS, rOS, will be based off the existing iOS and will power the AR headset exclusively. It's currently unknown how users will interact with the device, but Apple is reportedly testing head gestures, touch panels, and voice control.

The first of Apple's AR headsets are said to be due in 2019, when they will be used for internal testing of AR apps. A commercial release of the headset will then come in 2020.

Apple has already dipped its toes in the augmented reality waters with ARKit on iOS 11, which allows developers to create games and experiences in AR for iPhones and iPads. ARKit launched with the latest OS back in September 2017.