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Rovio looking to reintroduce classic Angry Birds games to storefronts

"We will find a way to bring these classic experiences…"
Rovio looking to reintroduce classic Angry Birds games to storefronts

Rovio has announced that it is looking to bring back a number of classic Angry Birds games, including the original release.

In an open letter on the Finnish developer's website, it was confirmed that several games - such as Angry Birds Classic and Angry Birds Seasons - were removed from the App Store and Google Play over the last few years. The reasoning for this decision was put down to older technology not allowing the games to keep up to the studio's standards.

Rovio has now decided, however, to reintroduce these titles to mobile among other Angry Birds games from its extensive library.

Angry Birds Classic (or Angry Birds as it was originally known) launched in December 2009 and was removed in July 2019. Likewise, Angry Birds Seasons launched in October 2010 before being pulled from app stores in December 2018.

"We hear you"

"What we want to say, though, is: We hear you," said Rovio via the blog post.

"There’s a big outcry for getting back some of the older fan favourites (Angry Birds Classic, Angry Birds Seasons etcetera.). We also want to say: We are working on it! We will find a way to bring these classic experiences back to you. It might take a while (stay tuned, we will post updates!), but we have something in the works."

During the Q&A segment of the statement, the company admitted that it will likely "rebuild a lot of those games almost from scratch" in order to keep the game games compliant with the ever-evolving platform requirements.

No date was given as to when the games will return to smartphones was disclosed, with Rovio only saying that it will try to provide "regular updates" via its official Twitter accounts.


Rovio has a history of trying to keep its standard high, often cancelling games well into development. In October 2019, the studio decided to scrap the development of Angry Birds Tennis following an unsuccessful soft launch period.

Additionally, in December last year, Rovio confirmed that work on Angry Birds Legends had ceased altogether after not meeting its high standards.