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Savvy Games Studios to become Steer Studios in major rebrand

The move is set to put Steer Studios on course for a more independent path
Savvy Games Studios to become Steer Studios in major rebrand
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Savvy Games Studios, a subsidiary of Savvy Games Group, is to rebrand as Steer Studios in a major shift to push the company down a more independent path.

The announcement is intended to show that the studio will be charting a new course which “aligns with its vision, values, and aspiration.” Although the studio will remain a subsidiary of the major firm Savvy Games Group, it seems that the move will also help it distinguish itself from its parent company. “The name ‘Steer’ embodies the studio’s commitment to exploring uncharted realms and leading the way in creating groundbreaking gaming experiences,” the company says.

CEO of Savvy Games Group, Brian Ward, commented, “The evolution of Savvy Games Studios to Steer Studios represents an exciting milestone in its journey. This major step forward will ensure Steer stands as a beacon of innovation, charting new territories within the gaming industry.”

CEO of Steer Studios, Yannick Theler, added, “Steer Studios is driven by the desire to open new possibilities in the gaming world. Our dedicated team are our family and remain at the heart of our success. We will continue to nurture their growth, wellbeing, and creative freedom.”

Why the change?

While the name change isn’t hard evidence of Steer Studios going independent it does indicate that Savvy are aware that they need to build an independent brand for their flagship game maker. The name change may just be the first step of this as we can likely expect an expanded mission statement and indication of just what new steps will be taken to build off the back of the publicity this rebrand builds.

Savvy Games Group boasts a massive amount of resources behind it, but money doesn’t make games overnight, and by developing a prestigious independent brand they can put their future plans on a whole new footing.