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Spectarium raises €5M in Seed Round to bolster personalised AI RPG Myths

Each player will have a unique experience by leveraging AI technology
Spectarium raises €5M in Seed Round to bolster personalised AI RPG Myths
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Sep 20, 2023 investment Bitkraft Ventures Spectarium $5.4m

As the latest step in Spectarium's mission to create its own game engine aligning specific player preferences, distinct thematic elements and unique gameplay experiences, the studio with a penchant for cross-platform action RPGs has raised €5 million from its Seed Round.

The funds will go towards the development of debut title Myths, which conceptually, should run in a similar way to TokTok’s algorithm, giving each player a uniquely personalised experience by leveraging AI technology; one person’s playthrough might involve an exploration of Mayan temples, where another’s may focus on battling bosses in Valhalla.

Mythological choices

Plarium co-founders Avi Shalel and Gabi Shalel are also Spectarium’s founders, having formed the company with Romain Schneider and Mark Peterson. Veterans from EA, Epic Games, Riot Games and Square Enix have since joined the studio, coming together to develop Myths and finally get the game released - more than eight years on from the core team forming.

The Seed Round backing this AI project up was led by gaming and Web3 investment platform Bitkraft Ventures, with other participants including Delphi Digital and Framework Ventures. Their funding will go towards developing Myths and scaling Spectarium’s team.

A soft launch of Myths is expected sometime in 2024 with varied user experiences to be based on the mythologies that most interest players. Equipment and portraits will change based on the bosses players defeat too, with today’s reveal trailer showing a Viking-inspired barbarian wielding a lightning hammer.

With barbarians of its own, a new game joined Netflix's gaming platform earlier this month inspired by the hit TV show Vikings: Valhalla.

"Eight years ago, the Spectarium core team came together with a shared mission: to create a game envisioned by our community. This journey fostered a deep trust with our global player base and solidified our team's passion for crafting games that resonate," said Spectarium CEO Romain Schneider.

"While we remain community-centric, the studio has evolved and is committed to developing cross-platform, mass-market games that captivate gamers worldwide. By merging standout visuals with generated content, we aim to craft unique and endless gameplay experiences."

In June, Bitkraft Ventures invested in the funding round of another AI mobile game, this one developed by Scriptic.