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deltaDNA releases free and unlimited game analytics

Leverages high performance big data platform
deltaDNA releases free and unlimited game analytics

deltaDNA, the analytics and personalization platform for games, has just launched deltaDNA GO; a free, accurate and unlimited analytics licence.

Designed to help game developers understand how their game is performing and how players are interacting, GO acts as the ideal entry point into advanced analytics and game personalization.

Over 60 dashboards

GO is underpinned by the power of deltaDNA's high performance big data platform and enables developers to access over 60 dashboard visualizations.

These deliver a huge range of game performance and player metrics, including retention and monetization rates, player segments, dimension analysis, social engagement and cohort comparison.

Unlimited MAUs

GO is completely unlimited and ready to scale in step with the success of your game. Developers can focus on creating great games without having to worrying about their data or any reduction in speed of delivery.

GO is free forever, with no time limits or required credit card registration.

Snapshot Slice & Dice tool

GO's powerful and advanced Slice & Dice tools have features that no other platform can offer.

Developers can drill down deeper into their data, quickly identifying where there is a problem in their game. Gain a deeper understanding of player behavior and discover insights such as when players are likely to spend, when they leave and the last mission played before leaving.

High performance

"deltaDNA GO has made a huge difference to our team," says One Thumb Mobile's Executive Producer, Paul Simon.

"It allows us to instantly access our key stats and keep an eye on the health and trends within our game across multiple platforms."

One Thumb Mobile use deltaDNA GO to analyze their game <em>Celtic Heroes</em>
One Thumb Mobile use deltaDNA GO to analyze their game Celtic Heroes

"Slow and inaccurate data inhibits developers from optimizing their game's success, so we have created GO to offer high performance, and of course, users can tap into the full-featured platform and consultancy support at any time," says deltaDNA CEO, Mark Robinson.

Seamless integration

Developers can upgrade to deltaDNA's paid features at any time, seamlessly. The Enterprise Licence includes a range of powerful engagement and monetization tools, such as player segmentation, funnels and real time player engagement tools, including A/B testing, push notifications and in-game messaging.

deltaDNA GO's fast start-up SDK can be quickly implemented, and the platform's API interface allows developers open access using their preferred 3rd party tools., such as Tableau.

Learn more about deltaDNA GO, or visit the deltaDNA website to find out about their Indie, On Demand and Enterprise licences.