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Mobile strategy games generate $194 million in the US in July, but RPGs show much better ARPDAU

And more stats from SurveyMonkey
Mobile strategy games generate $194 million in the US in July, but RPGs show much better ARPDAU

Strategy games on mobile generated $194 million in July 2016 in the US alone, more than any other genre.

That's according to a report from SurveyMonkey Intelligence. It claims thatthe ARPDAU for strategy games is on average $0.50.

That's smaller than the role-playing game genre's $0.66 ARPDAU - which made $162.2 million in total revenue during the same month.

In fact, ARPDAU for role-playing titles was three times higher than adventure games, a genre which was placed third for July 2016 in terms of average revenues from daily active users.

Revenue per active user in July for adventure games stood at $0.21 on average, while action games made $0.18 and puzzle titles $0.16.

SurveyMonkey's report also shows that arcade games amassed 63.1 million downloads in the US in July. Action games meanwhile accrued 61.5 million downloads, almost double that of the next highest genre, puzzle.

Users over downloads

But SurveyMonkey warned that download statistics are not truly indicative of a game's performance, as downloads are affected by advertising and the number of games available of the genre.

The research also looked at MAUs, finding that the arcade genre had 80.7 million MAUs in July, with adventure coming up second with 69.8 million MAUs.

SurveyMonkey summised that adventure, action and puzzle games "look like safe bets" for publishers as they rank in the top five game genres in terms of downloads and MAUs, and also enjoy higher-than-median engagement and monetisation.

Overall, adventure games earned $114.1 million in revenue in July, while action games made $97.8 million and puzzle titles $92.8 million.

You can read the full report on the SurveyMonkey Intelligence blog.