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Subway Surfers to introduce first AR features into the long-running title

Sybo introduced the “Subway Studio” feature as part of their latest update
Subway Surfers to introduce first AR features into the long-running title

Subway Surfers, Sybo’s long-running (pun intended) smash hit, has received new AR features released as part of the game's Fantasy Fest update.

Subway Studio will allow players to select characters from the game and place them in a real-world setting through their camera. With the characters superimposed onto the real landscape, players can then make videos or take pictures to share. The feature is available as part of the main Subway Surfers game and will not require an external download.

“Subway Studio puts the power of creativity and virality in our players’ hands, allowing them to interact, tell stories, and create content with their favourite characters in their homes, backyards, workplaces, you name it,” said CEO of Sybo, Mathias Gredal Nørvig.

“To date, #SubwaySurfers on TikTok has accumulated over 34 billion views, and nearly every video under that hashtag has been user-generated. We saw how much our community loved creating their own content, and we knew we wanted to provide them with an outlet for production within the game.”

Running for virality

The technical achievements and continued updates to Subway Surfers keen on coming. The game has just hit its eleventh anniversary this year with technical director at Sybo, Murari Vasudevan commenting, “We’re constantly looking to give our players new ways to engage with the game, and this new technology does just that. Subway Studio utilises state-of-the-art mobile AR and camera tracking to truly make it feel like you’re spending time with your favourite character in real life, allowing players to enjoy the feature regardless of their devices’ AR capabilities.”

Plus, with a community of TikTok followers that stands at 7.6m and growing, Sybo has also launched a filter for the app that allows players to similarly interact with one of the game’s characters, Jake, as they would using the Subway Studio feature.

With a regular program of updates and new games and innovations at every turn, it's clear that Sybo are showing no signs of allowing the Subway Surfers express to be derailed any time soon.