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Super Mario Run jumps onto Android this week

Game finally comes to Google Play on March 23rd
Super Mario Run jumps onto Android this week

Nintendo’s mobile game Super Mario Runwill make the jump onto Android devices this week.

The title will go live on Google Play on Thursday, March 23rd. The game, Mario’s first on mobile, was released more than three months ago on December 15th, 2016 on iOS.

Other details are thin on the ground but the game will likely cost $9.99, it’s current price on the US App Store after the free-to-start period.

Running up downloads

Super Mario Run quickly racked up an estimated 37 million downloads in its first three days.

Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima later revealed that the game had garnered 78 million downloads in just over a month. From this, over 5% of players had paid for the full game, bringing in an estimated $39 million during that time frame.

The game’s paywall after a free-to-start period proved to be polarising for many players, frustration shown in the game’s low conversion rate.

Critics have suggested such a low conversion rate means Nintendo got it wrong with the game’s business model, though others say the high returns for the premium title and increased awareness for the Mario brand make it a success.