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Super Meat Boy Forever finally makes the jump to mobile

Originally intended for the platform, the game has so far only been on PC and console until now
Super Meat Boy Forever finally makes the jump to mobile

The Super Meat Boy franchise will be making the jump to mobile with the release of Super Meat Boy Forever on iOS and Android.

Development on the game was originally announced for mobile devices all the way back in 2012. However, shifting membership at developer Team Meat and a difference in priorities ended up seeing Super Meat Boy Forever only release on consoles and PC in 2020, after numerous starts and stops in development. But now, the title will be making the jump to its originally intended platform with a premium one-time price and an endless set of procedurally-generated levels for players to make their way through.

The title will also be distributed by Thunderful Group, the development and publishing company who have also worked with other indie studios such as Vampire Survivors developer poncle through their subsidiary Robot Teddy.

Co-founder and programmer of Team Meat, Tommy Refenes said, “Super Meat Boy Forever was born out of a desire to make a two button Meat Boy game that was as hard and as rewarding as the original Super Meat Boy. Two buttons makes it a no-brainer for mobile. With Thunderful’s help we were able to bring the entire game, already on PC and consoles, to mobile without sacrificing anything. It’s the full game for $0.99, no ads, no micro-transactions, just pure Meat Boy joy on a phone. What a time to be alive.”

A meaty combination

Super Meat Boy was one of the indie darlings of the early 2010s, arguably part of the renaissance in independent game development for more niche genres such as out-of-favour platformers. The game’s jump to mobile also has an equally retro business model, with a single price-tag and no IAPs, an approach that's as long in the tooth as the game itself.

In an interview with Polygon back in 2014, creator Tommy Refenes commented on the content of the game compared to other mobile titles. “There's a certain flavour to iOS games where it's just enough and there's not a real complete, cohesive experience. [Super Meat Boy Forever is] going to have cutscenes and bosses. It's going to feel like an actual game and not a time-waster. There are tons of iOS games that aren't time wasters. But most of the little platforms and auto-runners are gimmicky and strange, whereas we want to give you a challenge.”