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Supercell, Google, Thatgamecompany and CCP take to G-STAR 2019 stage

Show held between November 14th and 15th in Korea's Busan
Supercell, Google, Thatgamecompany and CCP take to G-STAR 2019 stage
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The speaker line-up has been revealed for G-STAR 2019.

The Korean games show will this year feature keynote talks from Supercell game lead Frank Keienburg (pictured, bottom right), the boss of Eve Online maker Hilmar Veigar Petursson CCP (pictured, top right), Thatgamecompany CEO Jenova Chen (pictured, top far right) as well as Google's strategic partnerships manager Ji Hwan Lim. 

That's on top of Gearbox Software managing producer for narrative Randy Varnell, Total War: Three Kingdom directors Janos Gaspar and Pawel Wojs, ArtPlay's Koji Igarashi of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night fame and Bungie's senior agility lead Linda Fane and Mike Borras of Iron Mountain Interactive. The full list of announced speakers is at the bottom of the story.

G-STAR 2019 is taking place between November 14th and 15th 2019 on the 1st Floor Conference Rooms at Busan's Exhibition Centre 2. Tickets cost just $70 and are available right up until November 12th. You can sign up here.

The organisers are expecting over 2,000 trade visitors from more than 42 countries, with a huge 230,000 consumers coming to check out the show.

Here is the full list of speakers announced:

Jenova Chen, CEO - That Game Company [KEYNOTE]
Hear from the indie team responsible for the stylish, classic adventure games Journey and (most recently) Sky: Children of the Light.

Koji Igarashi, CEO - ArtPlay [KEYNOTE]
Forever remembered as the man behind the Castlevania series of games, Koji Igarashi’s new company has created Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and he’ll be introducing it on stage.

Janos Gaspar & Pawel Wojs, Director - Creative Assembly [KEYNOTE]
Janos and Pawel are responsible for the Total War series and the recent hit Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Hilmar Veigar Petursson, CEO - CCP Games [KEYNOTE]
CCP Games is a game studio from Iceland that developed EVE Online in 2003 and continues to maintain it to this day. Hilmar will discuss creating virtual worlds and how they are more meaningful than real life.

Randy Varnell, Managing Producer of Narrative - Gearbox Software
Randy Varnell is the Managing Producer of Narrative at Gearbox Software, the studio behind the new smash Borderlands 3. In this talk, he will discuss the humor and how to get a team of writers working together to create a great story.

Frank Keienburg, Game Lead - Supercell
Frank has been working in the games industry for nearly 14 years. He was the lead developer on the worldwide smash hit Brawl Stars and will discuss the game in detail in this talk.

Linda Fane, Senior Agility Lead - Bungie
With four years at Bungie, the Organization Director of Destiny will speak on process agility and how that helped Bungie keep moving forward.

Youngsoon Yang, Writer - Naver Webtoon
Youngsoon Yang is the writer of Denma, a space opera about an intergalactic courier called Quanx. This webtoon is extremely popular in Korea and has been translated into Japanese and English.

Daigo Sato, CEO - Odencat
Daigo Sato is an indie game developer who created Bear’s Restaurant on iOS and Android. This talk concentrates on how to make mobile games that survive in today’s crowded marketplace.

Mike Borras, CEO - Iron Mountain Interactive
Iron Mountain Interactive created the free-to-play title Steel Circus and will be discussing their strategies for distributing their title globally to both Eastern and Western markets.

Hyung Tae Kim, CEO - Shiftup
Korean art director Hyung Tae Kim is famous for his designs, including the art for the War of Genesis series and Magna Carta. He now heads Shiftup which has new games in development - needless to say, they look gorgeous.

Ji Hwan Lim, Strategic Partnerships Manager - Google
Ji Hwan Lim from tech giant Google will be sharing wisdom about monetizing game apps.

Nick Dorazio, Director of Strategic Content - Inven Global
The author and esports expert introduces firm Inven Global and discusses the current state of the esports market in North America.

Patrick Rose, Founder - GAMES ANALYSTS
Patrick Rose has years of experience working with triple-A titles. He will share that knowledge with attendees in this talk about game design, monetization models and tech.

Woo Jin Kang, Executive Director - Oracle
Oracle has developed many cloud-based systems, including a Human Capital Management (HCM) analytics tool that can help to understand a company’s employees. Woo Jin Kang will explain how these tools can help game company growth.

Bae Hyunjik, CEO - Nettention
Bae Hyunjik is the CEO of Nettention and was the lead directing programmer of ProudNet - a game server and network engine for game developers. This talk will focus on the physiology of game server development for game producers.

Ethan Kim, Founder - Hashed
Hashed are becoming known as the masters of blockchain in Korea and in this session founder Ethan Kim will reveal the current state of the market and look at what the future holds.

Michael Csurics, Founder - The Brightskull Entertainment Group
Best-known for raising the bar in in-game dialogue and voice performance, Michael Csurics has worked on many titles, most notably Bioshock 2 and Just Cause 4.