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Supercell opens up Creator Program to up-and-coming influencers

Finnish developer lowers the threshold for Creator Academy access
Supercell opens up Creator Program to up-and-coming influencers
  • Content creators now need 100 subscribers on YouTube, 25 followers on Twitch, or 1,000 followers on TikTok to access Creator Academy
  • Supercell has added 20 updates to its Creator Program during the past year as it ramps up its influencer marketing and community engagement
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Supercell has opened up its Creator Program to more up-and-coming influencers by lowering the thresholds to gain access to the initiative.

The Creator Program provides members with game assets, information on updates and new games, and merchandise. It also offers access to the Creator Academy, launched earlier this year, which provides insights into how to create videos and grow a channel.

Opening up

To support more emerging influencers, Supercell has now lowered the threshold for Creator Academy access, with YouTube users requiring 100 subscribers, Twitch streamers 25 followers, and TikTok users 1,000.

To become a full-fledged ‘Official Supercell Content Creator’, the thresholds are higher. YouTube creators require at least 5,000 subscribers, Twitch users 3,000 followers, and TikTok accounts 15,000.

Being an 'Official Creator' unlocks access to earning Supercell merchandise and in-game items that can be given away to viewers, as well as exclusive sneak peeks at what’s upcoming from the company.

“This has been a big year for the Creator Program, and we have a great product to help newer creators go full-time,” said Supercell Creator Program Manager Rick Crane.

Creator engagement

During the past year, Supercell has added more than 20 updates to its Creator Program, including in-person workshops, a Traders Market to claim in-game items and merchandise, and the aforementioned Creator Academy.

It has also gamified its website with ‘Elixir’, the currency used to by Official Supercell Content Creators to buy merchandise and in-game items. Elixir can be earned by watching Academy videos, completing quizzes and surpassing milestone ‘Bounties’, such as hitting 50 followers on Twitch or getting 5,000 likes on Youtube.

Supercell has long worked closely with influencers and emerging creators in their community to support content around its games, which in turn help market its games to audiences around the world.

During the launch of Brawl Stars, the company invited more than 70 influencers from across the globe to its Helsinki HQ to play and ‘launch’ the title in across various territories.