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Supercell and uCool battle for a Super Bowl XLIX advertising victory

Clash of Clans vs Heroes Charge
Supercell and uCool battle for a Super Bowl XLIX advertising victory

As GrowMobile CEO Brendan Lyall has pointed out, maybe the Super Bowl isn't the opportunity to advertise your mobile game that many people think it could be.

For one thing, the cost of an advert is measured in the millions of dollars per ten seconds.

And while you might reach hundreds of millions of people, most of them will be Americans or Canadians.

Nevertheless, such is the extreme nature of mobile game user acquisition in terms of the saturation of traditional channels for the top games, not to mention the huge amounts of cash companies can invest, the decision has been made in a number of board rooms to do Super Bowl adverts.

Tactical moves

Given its nature as the world's #1 mobile strategy game, there's little surprise that Supercell has decided to give Clash of Clans a starring role at the Super Bowl.

The game, which was extensively advertised on TV channels around the world during 2014, is a natural fit as the creative featuring a skeleton with an American football demonstrates.

Art from the <em>Clash of Clans'</em> Super Bowl ad
Art from the Clash of Clans' Super Bowl ad

A relative newcomer into the world of extreme UA, however, is US developer uCool.

It launched a big TV campaign globally for its Heroes Charge game at the end of 2014.

Boasting over 10 million players, the company is looking to maintain the 2D squad-based side scrolling action RPG's growth into 2015.

A 15-second commercial will air during the game and be repeated on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, before rolling out across US broadcast and cable channels.

A still from uCool's spot for <em>Heroes Charg</em>e
A still from uCool's spot for Heroes Charge

More generally, uCool says that 75 percent of its marketing budget is now being spent on TV advertising.