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Take-Two Interactive has acquired mobile retro-games subs service GameClub

The publishing giant has acquired the subscription-based start-up for an as yet undisclosed sum and purpose
Take-Two Interactive has acquired mobile retro-games subs service GameClub

Take-Two Interactive has acquired multi-game subscription service GameClub for an as yet undisclosed sum.

GameClub was founded in 2019 following a $2.5 million seed funding round, with the intent to bring premium games a modern platform, allowing classics to live on forever. The service launched for iOS in October 2019, eventually expanding to Android devices in 2020.

The news broke with multiple unofficial sources including Ampere Analysis' Piers Harding Rolls via Twitter: 

And GameClub's listing on PitchBook now describes them as 'Acquired/Merged' with Take-Two listed as being their 'Parent Company'.

We await official confirmation at the time of writing.

Giant steps

Take-Two is one of the biggest names in gaming, with multiple AAA studios and global blockbusters such as the Grand Theft Auto series under its wing. The company is also the parent company of mobile gaming giant Zynga, the developer of various games across genres such as Merge Magic, Harry Potter: Puzzles and Spells, and the FarmVille series.

GameClub's focus is in the accurate maintenance and re-offering of classic games, allowing users to relive and 'own' classic gaming experiences that - thanks to the rapid pace of mobile innovation and development - may no longer be supported by their original developer and publisher. 

Game subscription services, such as that offered by GameClub, have become more and more common in recent years across platforms, with the likes of Xbox, PlayStation, and Apple boasting such services. Other companies, such as Netflix, have begun to offer games as part of their subscription services, giving them a foothold in the games space.

Next levels

It’s unclear at present what Take-Two intends to do with GameClub but an obvious option would be to use the service as the perfect place to house Zynga titles allowing them to live on forever with fee-paying fans.

Notably, GameClub has also stated that it intends to expand its service to offer non-mobile games, which could see it offer further titles from the broader Take-Two portfolio as part of its subcription service in the future.

The move certainly cements a drive for Take-Two to maintain and solidify it's position in mobile, especially in light of recent rumours of a Sony buy out. With PlayStation steadily increasing its profile in the mobile space, this rumoured acquisition just got a little more attractive.

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